To encourage, support, & raise up other worshipers
for the glory of God and the ministry to the nations!


Music For The King!


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Our passion is Jesus and what He wants to accomplish through His kingdom. We have been leading teams and congregations in worship for a number of years both in English and Spanish. We have had the honor of seeing many be touched by God's amazing grace and tender heart.


We are here to encourage, support, and raise up other worshipers for the glory of God and the ministry to the nations.


Our calling is to train and equip others through example and catapult them forward in the ministry. We identify the giftings of God in the saints and stir them through the power of the Spirit of God.

We love to worship our Savior and King and desire to continue to move prophetically and lovingly through the power of worship and to see the Church of Jesus Christ arise with humility, strength, and His glorious power!


Manuel & Claudia Gil

God Bless!

You're Gonna Make It
Manuel Gil

In 1989, YWAM developed its first SOE: School of Evangelism. Nine of us (YWAMer's) traveled to 33 states proclaiming the love of God.


We preached on the streets of every city, including Hollywood (Pictured Here), Universities, parks, churches, and everywhere we could declare the power of the cross! Today, we continue to preach Jesus Christ and His Lordship, majesty, and unfailing love!

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of unto salvation to every one that believeth..."     Rom. 1:16

"God made feet for walking, and then their greatest purpose

is to keep tempo to the wonder of music."